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    Stainless Steel Sprinkler/Helical Hose Machine

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    Stainless Steel Sprinkler/Helical Hose Machine

    Product Info:

    Stainless Steel flexible Sprinkler/Helical Hose Machine  :

    Application ;

    1,it is equipped with die head and moulds, it can be continuously produced ring stainless steel corrugated hose.

    2, it is equipped with a spiral die head and moukd,it can continue to produce stainless steel spiral tube.

    3, Do not install the corrugation forming machine,it can continue to produce stainless steel seam welded pipe.

    Equipment performance;

    1, The device adopt [PLC and touch screen] programming control system control, but also uses the Promise frequency control, speed control, can be set automatically speed and manual speed control two speed mode, low noise, pollution-free, efficient Energy conservation, the general staff through short-term training can be independent operation and maintenance. Simple operation, easy to use.

    2, the equipment has automatic conveyor belt, automatic pipe, automatic wave, automatic winding, greatly improving the production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce production costs, is the most advanced stainless steel spiral pipe and bellows production equipment The

    3, the equipment produced by the stainless steel bellows, spiral pipe, seam welded pipe can be widely used in plumbing, hot days, solar water heaters, petrochemicals, automobile engines and other industrial gas, infusion .

    Stainless Steel Spiral Corrugated hose

    The production line is specially designed for stainless steel spiral corrugated hose,sprinkle hose, 

    the whole line is automatic running and can work continously with stable ability. 

    We can produce different kinds of SS spiral corrugated pipe machines with good quality.

    The pipes we produce can use for city water sprinkle hose supply, .

    The final welded corrugated hose conforming to national standard RSB-IF-13-GB/T.

    For further information,please feel free to contact me

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